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Ocean Break Bulk

Ocean Break Bulk: Characteristics

  • Non-Containerized Cargo:
  • Break bulk shipping involves transporting goods that are not containerized. These can include oversized items, heavy machinery, or commodities that cannot be easily packed into standard shipping containers.

  • Individual Handling:
  • Each piece of cargo is handled individually, loaded, and secured onto the vessel. This method allows for the transportation of diverse and irregularly shaped items.

  • Diverse Cargo Types:
  • Break bulk cargo can include a wide range of items such as machinery, vehicles, project cargo, steel, timber, and other large or heavy goods.

Ocean Break Bulk: Operations

  • Port Facilities:

Ports that handle break bulk cargo need specialized facilities for efficient loading and unloading. This includes cranes, ramps, and storage areas capable of accommodating various cargo types.

  • Stowage and Securing:

Cargo in break bulk shipping is carefully stowed and secured on the vessel to prevent shifting during transit. This requires specific expertise to ensure safe transportation.


  • Break bulk shipping offers flexibility in handling cargo of different sizes, shapes, and weights, making it suitable for items that cannot be containerized.
  • For oversized or irregularly shaped cargo, break bulk shipping can be more cost-effective than containerized shipping as it eliminates the need for custom-built containers.
  • Some types of cargo transported through break bulk methods may not require extensive packaging since they are loaded individually.

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