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Customs Brokerage


With intensified trade barriers and customs compliance requirements, supply chain management becomes more complex. Our dedicated professionals have solutions that are tailored-made to your flow of goods.

Wherever you need customs expertise, we have the people, licenses and permits to clear your shipments on schedule. Regardless of volume, scope or scale, our global network of specialists can meet commitments in any region you do business.

Choose from our value-add services to maintain your speed-to-market advantage

  • Operational Customs Clearance:

Whether you import or export goods, we have a wide range of services that match your supply chain. Choose from options to prepare and process declarations, calculate duties and taxes, and organize inspections.

  • Trade Management:

When you want to reduce risks and manage costs on cross-border transactions, our experts are here to help.  Get insight into Free Trade Agreements, international tariff data, and duty drawbacks regimes. Unlock hidden duty savings potential with our customs health checks and scorecards.

  • Customs Compliance:

Our team applies a diligent approach to high regulatory demands.  We assess your supply chain, perform post-importation audits, and develop proactive processes that prevent penalties and fines.

Get all the benefits of a streamlined customs program

  • Lower your costs and reduce working capital tied up in supply chains by optimizing the use of duty suspension, drawback regimes, as well as Free Trade Agreements
  • Be proactive with changes in customs regulations, procedures, and licenses that impact your business
  • Assist in the strategic outsourcing of customs operations and managing third-party agent clearances
  • Support in applying for beneficial customs regimes, procedures, licenses, and other resources

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