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Charter and Freighter Services


Charter and freighter services are specialized modes of air transportation that provide tailored solutions for the movement of goods, catering to unique cargo requirements and logistical challenges.

We provide quality services and Timely Deliveries to our clients which differentiates our Charter/Freight Services from other carriers.

Our company provides 24-hour dispatch service for any of our customers emergency needs. With a 24/7, 365 global operation this team thinks outside the box to match the right aircraft to your load in total compliance with local regulations.

We work closely with you to provide an extensive and flexible range of services, designed to suit your needs, enable your success and help you deliver on your promises.

Areas we serve by Charter/Freighter:

  • Heavy Machinery/Rotor
  • Odd Dimension/Oversized Cargo
  • Aircraft Engines (AOG/MRO)
  • Fashion/Retail
  • Pharma/Cool-Chain
  • DG/HazMat
  • Renewable energy, on- & offshore
  • Refining/Oil & Gas
  • International turn-key projects
  • Power plants
  • Mining and manufacturing industry

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