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Cross Border and Inland Transportation

Cross-border and inland transportation are integral components of a comprehensive logistics strategy, ensuring the seamless movement of goods across different regions. These transportation modes play a vital role in connecting businesses to markets, optimizing supply chain, and facilitate economic growth.


Cross-Border Transportation

Cross-border transportation involves the movement of goods across international boundaries, often requiring compliance with customs regulations and international trade protocols. Key aspects include:

  • Dedicated trucking company contract at both ends
  • Use of datalogger to monitor trucks ply on prescribed route
  • Efficient Broker involved to process customs entry & clearance
  • Document cross check at both entry point of Customs
  • Ensure 100% compliance at every level

Inland Transportation

Inland transportation refers to the movement of goods within a country's borders, connecting various locations and serving as a vital link in the supply chain. Our teams of experts apply global knowledge to their local know-how, so whether you ship engines or eggs, you can be sure your cargo will arrive safely and on time, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on your core business. Key considerations include

  • Trucks and vehicles play a pivotal role in inland transportation, offering flexibility and accessibility to diverse geographic areas
  • Inland water routes, such as rivers and canals, serve as economical options for transporting bulk goods, especially in regions with well-developed waterway infrastructure.

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